Hi there! If you haven’t picked up on it already, my name is Jill and I am a 24 year old wife and mother to a 2 year old spunky little princess named Melody and a happy, 6 month old baby sister named Emberlynn. I grew up on the West Coast in a pleasant little town in California, half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles, where I had lived my entire life and never left, not even just to travel. A couple years ago, my boyfriend at the time (of only 9 months), David, and I decided to drive all the way across the country and move to New Hampshire! We also decided to stop in Las Vegas and get married on the way. It was all so very spontaneous and crazy, but we knew we were meant to be together and we had the time of a lifetime, which is sure to be quite the story to tell our kids one day!

Four months later we found out we were expecting! Just another SPONTANEOUS and CRAZY adventure to wonderfully fit our style, don’t you think? Those words should just totally be our middle name.

All of our whimsical, spur-of-the-moment endeavors have been a chase after our hearts. Instead of using logic, and fearing the “what ifs”, we just went where our hearts took us. It was a big step for me, but during this time in my life I was undergoing an incredible inner and spiritual awakening, which I am still going through today, transforming the way I think and live.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I’ve always felt connected to the children I would have even before they physically existed. I would talk to them, and make promises of the amazing mother I plan to be. The day I became a mother, everything made sense. I looked at my beautiful baby girl and let out a sob so intense, I didn’t know you could have such a feeling. She was finally here! I have been waiting for her all my life. Reunited at last, our souls together once again. I just knew we have always been connected, both my girls.


I was raised a Christian, going to church every Sunday and Youth Group every Tuesday and bible study every Wednesday until I had a “falling out”, or so to speak. I wandered off the religious path during my teenage years and was overcome with a deep depression, resulting in being kicked out of more than one school and spending a week in a mental hospital. I eventually recovered from that, after a few hard years and lots of counseling, and found myself not being able to adapt into the Christian way of life again. I just had too many questions. I was taught from birth that “this” was the way and not to question it because the ONLY sin unforgivable by Him is to deny him. I was scared to question it, but I knew I had to. It didn’t resonate with my soul anymore. I was a different person. My mind was open and I was ready to get to know myself for who I really am, without all the labels and regulations, and without being told who I was suppose to be.


Today my life is the life I created. The life I have ALWAYS wanted. It is filled with so much love, more love than I have ever felt before in my life, even when I was surrounded by a church full of people. My husband is not a religious person but he is a master creator of his third dimensional experience here on Earth and that to me is everything. Do you know how little there is the amount of people that realize they are the sole developer of what happens to them in life and not that they are the victims of circumstances and others? Because of this, I know David is going to be an incredible father and example to our children, and I love him so much for inspiring me to create my own world every day. One reason why I have felt encouraged to start this blog! So thank you to my amazing man, together we can create all of our wildest dreams and then some.

One of the BIGGEST epiphanies I have ever had is one I will never want to forget. It will do me good to remember this during the tough times when David and I feel worlds apart or my kids are doing things I don’t quite understand or agree with. I came to this conclusion about life during the time David and I were only dating. During this period I was meditating a lot, and I was worried about David and I not working out due to us being on different paths. Like I said, he’s not religious but he’s also not on a personal mission to know himself spiritually like I am. To me, that is perfectly okay, and here’s why:  I had a deep, profound, realization that the confines of this world (religion, cultures, beliefs in general) ultimately shouldn’t matter whether or not they are the same as yours, because whatever it is that makes THAT person happy, is perfectly okay, even if it’s the farthest thing from your beliefs, and if you love them you should always encourage them to go after what makes them happy. Now granted, sometimes this could be very difficult when it comes to raising children and different beliefs. For David and I, this won’t be an issue because he supports my journey and I support his. Our souls have different lessons we are here to learn, our contracts are ours and ours alone to fulfill. I don’t know what his is and he doesn’t know what mine is and the best thing for us spiritually is to honor whatever it is that makes us happy and the directions our souls guide us in. Only then, will we be doing what is best for us, and I love him so much that I want him to fulfill his life’s mission on his own terms, 100%. I also want this for my children and everyone else in life.

Anyway, I probably could have wrote and entirely separate blog post for that topic alone but since it’s my motto in life I figured it would fit well here on my About page. 🙂

If you guys would like to get to know me on another personal level, I would like to invite you to check out my YouTube channel, DiefTV, which is dedicated mostly to my family’s story. Sometimes I daily vlog, sometimes I just record the monumental stuff like being pregnant and family milestones. I have big plans and hopes for my YouTube channel. Feel free to find me on there and if you have a channel or a blog yourself I would love to follow you back!


Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about who I am by reading this about page of mine and I wish you a happy, joy filled life and hope to get know you in one way or another! I will leave some contact information below if you would like to follow me and get in touch on a few other social media sites. Love and Light xx

-Jill Diefenderfer

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